Browser or computer not suitable for PlayCanvas

Hello, I hope this message reaches the developers of playcanvas since in these last days I have been creating a horror game, this, like all, has scripts where it gives functions, but in my case I have a function that is to turn on a flashlight with the letter F a friend named @Alberto has been helping me, himself, in his chrome browser “latest version by the way” he is presented that my script works but not in my chrome browser, please I beg each of the people to help me Will help testing my game and see if the script works, here below in the comments after testing write if the script works, what browser do you use, the version of the browser and the brand of the computer, by the way mine is hp, this is the my game link
press F to turn on the flashlight

On My MacOS 13.4.1 with Chrome 114, all seems to work.

What are you running on?

I am running on an hp windows computer and the latest version of chrome installed, according to my browser when I press f everything disappears, apart from that I get a long error
I send you the error

here is the error @mvaligursky

Hello again I am in another project and I have the same error the light does not turn on