Broken master after merging

I just merged a working branch into master, and resolved all merge conflicts from my branch.

Unfortunately, now my master branch no longer runs, but my branch runs perfectly.

Is there anyway to replace my broken master with my working branch?

Alternately, is there a way to export the entire project from a branch? Then I could just re-import everything.

Hi @SheepVsGravity and welcome,

Calling @yaustar he may be entity able to help you out.

If you are comfortable with the REST API, you can archive a project from a branch: (I’m trying to release a set of node.js scripts that make this easier)

Otherwise, you can redo the merge and try again (start from ‘m2 changes lost’ which would be the same point as your master branch and work up)

Forcing a branch to be head of master is something we don’t have unfortunately.

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Thanks very much @yaustar, I will give both those options a try.

Using the Playcanvas REST API, I was able to get exactly the branch I needed.

Now with that safely tucked away, I’ll try re-merging or re-importing all the files.

Thanks again to @yaustar (and @Leonidas for getting things started)