Bringing PlayCanvas games to

Even though you can earn money on Play Canvas through Ad Revenue but can I also put a play canvas game that I made and put on for extra income

You can. You can still do the standard F2P model with IAP but requires you to develop the backend yourself to support it.

Alternatively, you can wrap the app with something like ElectronJS to make a ‘native’ app for PC/Mac/Linux.

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How do I use electron JS

I do have GitHub, GitHub desktop, and

The quick start guide should get you going

I forgot to mention that you will need to be on the Personal or Organisation plan on PlayCanvas as you need the feature to export the project to self host.

Are the Personal and Organization plans a monthly fee like you have to pay every month

Yes. I believe you pay by the month.

Have you figured it out yet Shadow?

If not I have totally figured it out and will put together an instructional doc to help you out!

Either-way I’ll post it on it’s own thread soon enough.

Ooooor, feel free to add a page to the developer site. We already have a page for Kongregate. Adding one for Itch would be awesome. :smiley:


I have no clue how to go about doing that, haha but here is the google doc!

This is focused on making an exe out of the content made from playcanvas, here is my sample from my own projects you can download and play :slight_smile: I promise it’s not a virus! haha

Just make sure to click ‘more info’ to let it install properly.

And then the rest should be obvious, you can use inno setup to make an installer like I did, but that’s all you’ll need for stuff like kongregate or or even steam. I hope this helps!


thx for all of you guys helping me while I was getting my Atom text editor ready for my play canvas project

how do I do that because I am still figuring out how to use GitHub

thx and I saved that doc to my drive as well