Branch name too long -> UI bug preventing merging

Hi, I gave my branch a name that is too long. The result is that the “Favorite, View Diff, Checkpoint” buttons are obscured in the version control dialog. There doesn’t appear to be a way to change the name of the branch, and I can’t merge the branch into Main because I haven’t made a checkpoint, which I can’t do because the checkpoint button is obscured.

I need to continue work on the current branch, but, I don’t want to continue without a checkpoint, so I’m completely stuck. Any suggestions to get working again?


In case anyone comes across the same UI bug, I was able to get working again by running:

document.getElementsByClassName(“ui-button icon create”)[0].click()

in the javascript console. Then I merged my branch back to main.

Hi @zkr and welcome,

Many thanks for sharing this. Calling @vaios to take a look at this, since it seems like a definite bug.