Bowling Pins, How to make them fall over after hit?

Hello everyone,
What do you have to write in code for a bowling pin to knock over?
(I have no experience with this at all)

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski! You don’t have to code this at all, you can just use dynamic rigidbodies.

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Well, would they fall like a ragdoll effect?

Yes, I suggest to use a cylinder as collision component with a dynamic rigidbody component.

How would you make it as an asset? A bowling pin?

What do you mean with asset?

Bowling pin assets, how do you make it work with them?

Sorry for making this so difficult for you. :sweat_smile:

No problem at all, there is the forum for.

I assume that each pin is a separate model? Then you can add the above components provided the pivot is in the middle of the model. Otherwise you have to use an empty parent entity with the components and add the model as child entity.

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What do you mean by this? (I have no clue due to the coding website I learnt in had never mentioned these kind of words)

Which part you don’t understand?


Can you show how the model looks like when you have it selected in the editor?

Like this

Sorry, I mean in the scene view.

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Where is the gizmo?


Im not sure, it was there before…

The gizmo is always on the pivot of the model. If this is in the middle of the model then it’s better in this case. Otherwise you need to use an empty entity with all the components and add the model as a child entity to be able to set the model in the middle of the collider.

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It’s a bit old but there’s a tutorial for a bowling game here in PlayCanvas