Bossy Tossy Game Mechanics Suggestion

Hey! I want to make the game mechanics of bossy tossy. Link of reference is given as below:

While playing you can see that person’s body react differently on hitting. So how can i get the same effect on the person’s body that is in Bossy Tossy game.

Will i be needing soft body instead of rigid body like in the demo given below? or i can just make it’s different animations to achieve that effect?

The reference of soft body is given as follows:

With the help of @will I created a ragdoll in the past. But I’m not sure if this is something you can use.

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Thanks albertos, I will try this and will tell whether it works for me or not

As far as I know it will not work in combination with an animator but maybe you can toggle between those. Good luck!

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It doesn’t contain any animation now. I will either use animation or this.