Bored Button project

Hello, I am currently creating a bored button, to learn how to code more, and just for people to click when they’re bored. Currently, I have used some code that I got from a video, and tried implementing it into my entity, where it is a giant cursor, and there is a giant button.
Take a look for yourself: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
The cursor, however, is not going up or down. Can someone please help me fix this issue?

It is inside of the “Start” scene.

Not sure if there’s something wrong with my internet, or if PlayCanvas is currently down, but the contents of the start scene aren’t loading properly. Like, the hierarchy just stays stuck in a loading animation.

@DevPlex01 I can’t see a problem on my end.

@Jayden_Hauser In a nutshell, a rigidbody needs a collision component to define it’s shape in the physics simulation. (see ‘fixed’ version here:

Judging from the scene, it looks like you would want use compound physics objects to get the true shape you want. We don’t have an Editor example yet but if you can under the engine source code, it should be pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

When I get some time, I see if I can put together a quick example

@yaustar is it possible to make a mesh collider on a chromebook?

From what I know, a mesh collider uses the model’s shape to create the collision.

There’s currently a small bug with compound physics there’s being looked at.

There’s which is a modelling package in the browser.

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