BOOSTING our troops' moral ZONE!

BOOSTING our troops moral ZONE! ( write anything you want here but, stay in a polite sense! TY)

Did this silly image from my FUTUR INC. clay project. Yes I remember those clay fighting games. At the time it was an easy way to create 3D things. Anyone remember Clay Fighters ? ahah! :smile:

That is funny :slight_smile:

Nice graphics RealArt.

OH! Yeah!! want to laugh a bit ! For sounds and music. They are for 50 % of the psychological effect in a game.If a game offers a bad choic, the music will not attract your players. Try to imagine the first time you look at a movie. the very first minutes are very important.

One guy show me his game once ( western style)… And right at the begining, I could feel the music was not great. It was very noisy, way to predominent and not made for the MOOD of the theme. Listen all , I offer you Ambiant Sounds… Sounds effects and small music that fill the mood of your games. Just the sounds of the wind can add real deepness in the overall theme.

So I suggest you to go on Youtube and LISTEN sounds from ABANDONMUSIC ( sorta old cheap movies that will never be seen again ) . Some are so great and YOUTUBE offers you many things. Give it a try, i’m sure you will like my idea!

…Spaghetti western… I feel hungry suddenly… :smile:

Here , talk about persistence… For years it was impossible to convert native BRYCE objects ( OBP) and everybody was saying it was impossible to convert those. Myself was searching how for 8 years until…

Well, I done a search again today and found in the new BRYCE a ‘bridge’ to their free DAZ studio ( better V 3.0 even if 4 exist cause of a bad link between the 2 softs)

I done some tests.Some are easy to convert and others take waaaaayyyyyyyyy longer to export.

3ds, obj and Dae are in the formats’ choice. I done some samples and show you OBP Bryce objetcs out of their eternal location… Talk about never givin’ up ! :wink: