Bone nodes in Editor


I have a suggestion that’s been bugging me out for a while and I’m pretty sure newcomers would also appreciate seeing, which is being able to see our imported models Bones Nodes in the Editor.

As an example, this is how Unity does it:


It would just help a lot to set up any kind of customizable models, being able to basically attach (for example) weapon models entities directly in the editor to a bone and then just use a script to enable/disable the entities.

Doing it with code is possible but it’s just more comfortable and more visually accurate to be able to set up these things in the editor :slight_smile:

Is there any way you guys could implement this in the future?

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Even if this information was read only ( ie you couldn’t modify it ), that would be a great start for verifying that a hierarchy set up by an artist has imported correctly… +1 for having it as a feature.