Bomb Toss - trying out some mechanics

Hi all,

I’ve just spent the day making Bomb Toss to test a few mechanics that I thought would be fun.

You can try it out here:

Not much to it at the moment, just click on the bombs with your mouse to defuse them. In the future a defused bomb won’t reduce your health, but at the moment they all kill you. :smiling_imp:

Love to get some feedback on what you think. Like whether you think the basic mechanics will work?

P.S. Thanks for the link in the developer docs to Props Planet. It’s a nice little selection of models. It was their bomb that gave me the idea for the game.


Great game, kicker! Awesome start. So here’s my feedback:

  • I ran the game in CocoonJS on my iPhone and it seems touch isn’t enabled yet. On the context, there is a touch device that you can use to handle touch events. Check out the API docs.
  • Will the bombs explode? Presumably just when they’re going offscreen, they will blow up. In that case, you will probably want to render a particle system. We’re in the process of adding particle system support to the engine. I’ll follow up when enough functionality is in place to do one shot effects likes explosions.

Keep up the amazing work. We love it!

Nice idea indeed, and working well so far :smiley:
The basic idea is good, and like Will suggested, I think would work even better on mobiles.


Yeah, a touch interface would be cool. I’ll take a look at the touch input docs and add that at some point.

They bombs will probably explode off-screen so I may not need a full particle effect for the explosion, but I definitely want to have a sparking effect attached the the end of the fuse.


I’ve updated a few bits and pieces.

  • Added some camera shake
  • Added touch support
  • You can actually defuse the bombs now.

I’m stuck! :sob:

I’m trying to work out a good way of setting up patterns for the bomb spawners. I currently have 4 bomb spawners, left, center left, center right and right. And I want to be able to define the sequence that the launch bombs in.

I can’t think of a good way to define these patterns up front and be able to combine and tweak them for difficulty.

Any good ideas?


So I’ve solved it.

I made a “record” mode which I can control with the keyboard to launch bombs and then I output the time stamps in JSON into the console. Currently, I’ve created about 10 different patterns and I randomly select from there.

This is fun!