Bokeh Script Issue only on Desktop Chrome on Mac

Hello! I pulled the bokeh-posteffect script from the GitHub and used it to apply depth of field to my scene. Whenever I visit this scene on a mobile device (iOS and android using chrome and safari apps) or on a windows machine I can’t replicate this issue, but when I visit the scene on chrome on a Mac desktop the bokeh effect goes crazy and lags the game out. Any thoughts? Has anyone ever seen this?


Everywhere else

do you see any errors in the log?

Are you referring to the post-effect script from here?:

If so, could you try to open the following example, which uses the same bokeh effect script. Does it have any artifacts you see in your project?

There are no errors in the log. @mvaligursky

I am referring to that. I am getting the same issue on Mac desktop chrome. The image never sharpens in that example where as in safari it does. This issue can be replicated on other machines.

i have the same problem on Mac/Brave but not Mac/Safari now too in 2022 :).

I can’t reproduce on my Macbook Pro M1 Max with Monterey

Can you share a video and also the exact specs of your Mac please?

I’m sorry abou this - I can’t reproduce on the effects page. I also just now realized on my own project it was because I misunderstood focus being between 0 and 1 and related to the near/farclip of the camera.