Blurr Label Problem

I have a text label in a screen and it looks blurry. Can anyone please guide me what is going wrong in my end?

Is a power of 2 texture?

Eg 256x512, 256x256 etc

If not, it needs to be for mipmapping to work

its a Text element.

If you make the font larger, is it still blurry?

How is it being sized? By scale or by font size?

Can you post a link to the project to make it easier for people to debug please?

PFA hierarchy and element properties

It’s going to be difficult to really know without a link to the project. Can you please post one or link to a new project with just the font and the issue.

To me it looks like the entity might be scaled?

Nope, the entity is not scaled.

Hi @Hassan_Amjad,

On the asset, use the sliding bar to raise the font’s intensity.