Blur Shader. Does on exist or is it possible?

Hi, is it possible or does anything exist that I can use on a 3d object/plane to give it the effect of misted glass?

Specifically I need to have a 3D plane in AR that blurs part of the camera display behind it but 3d models in front of it are still sharp.


@Grimmy like this?

Kind of …but I think more blurry than frosty. Im after a slightly different effect but its close.

I think its different in this case as you want the effect on the video for AR, not what is rendered in PlayCanvas? If that’s correct, you will have to look for filtering effects on the video DOM object rather than PlayCanvas.

S the AR background isnt rendered the same as a normal playcanvas skybox? How would I go about doing this effect in AR?

Depends on the AR implementation but yes, the video may be a DOM object behind the canvas.

You will have to look at the possibility of doing filters with video DOMs.

Okay. I’m using 8th Wall and I just contacted them to see if there is some way of doing this… Cheers

Hi Grimmy,

Just checking whether you’ve received any news on this? I’m trying to do the same using 8thWall, but so far couldn’t find a solution to get the background blur working.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your reply.