Bloom effect only for selected entity/bloom only for emission map


2 questions:

  1. It’s possible to write a shader which will apply bloom effect only for selected entities?
  2. Apply bloom effect only for emission map, is it possible?

Thank you.

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Yes, it is possible, you can simply make a separate render to texture where you would apply shader that paints everything black + emissive (if it is set on material), and then use that texture to do your blur and post-effect add over screen.

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Thank you, Max. It helped.

I made the second camera which rendering to texture and set culling mask (only render a duplicate object with emission). After that, I modify standard post processing script and detect if the rendered pixel of texture contains not black value then apply bloom. And it works.

Now I try separate different part of emission for various intensity and bloom size. Thank you.

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Nicely done! If you have simple project with implementation, worth sharing it :wink: