Bloom Camera Effect?

I have no idea how to use shaders and i would like to know about a projects that could add a bloom effect to my game Trigo Run

or code that could do that

Hi @Deadshot1m24,

Check this engine example, it includes a number of post effects including bloom:

You can find the effects scripts on this page, to grab them and use them in your project:

Yeah i just want the bloom effect, can you seperate it for me, i litterally just want a bloom effect on everything. soooo, pls seperate the script i need just to gget that bloom effect on the camera

i do not need that entire 283 page script, i just need you to pick out the bloom

It’s already separated if you take a closer look, it’s a single file.

Add it to your project, parse it and then find your active camera and add ‘Bloom’ script to it. Play with its settings and enjoy!

so copy this, make a new script asset called bloom, then paste it, add it to my camera, parse it, and it will work?

it doesn’t work when i tried it, it gives me an error

so if you could tell me why it doesn’t work that would be great, and/or tell me what to replace

Steps to add post processing effects can be found here: Post Effects | Learn PlayCanvas

Also example of a custom post processing effect here with a project example: Custom Post Effects | Learn PlayCanvas

i just want to know how to fix the existing script, because it won’t work, but thanks for the help

Have you followed the steps from the User Manual?

they have nothing about bloom, but i found a shockwave effect, and i would love it to be in my game for when i jump

here’s my attempt to change it to where when you press space it initiates the shockwave effect instead of the mouse doing that

i get an unexpected end of input error, and it doesn’t work

what should i change in the script, to make it to when i press space, it does the shockwave

What have you here is not the whole script. Please start by copying the whole script from GitHub

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Actually, you know what, it would be worth doing an Office Hours video for this so I will upload one when I have time

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can you tell me how to fix my shockwave script, since i already have a working scipt, i just need to have it roll when i press the spacebar

what should i replace to make it work, (the shockwave script)

if you could just help me on my Shockwave script Pls help me
here’s my code PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
i just want it to where it does a shockwave when i press spacebar

Please stop posting in the thread and be patient by waiting till people are free to help.

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