Blending textures

Hi all,

I’d like to know if PlayCanvas let blend two textures.

is it possible to do with PlayCanvas? is there some workaround?

In the worst case, is it possible to program my interpolation algorithm to change pixel information?


That link is dead, could some one post the updated one? I am looking for this information too.

WebArchive has the page cached:

The answer is old, and example links not working anymore as things been changed since. Perhaps @Mr_F could make a new answer here.

Copying my answer from web archive (and I hope I found the right project link):

Standard material doesn’t have multiple texture layers, but it can be easily added via custom shader chunks. I’ve assembled a small test project for you: It has a script on an object, in which you put a second map. It then uses it and patches object’s shaders to calculate diffuse color differently.

Worth mentioning link in post above has legacy script, you would want to use scripts 2.0, so do not copy directly the code as it won’t be compatible.

Awesome, I will try and get our Web GL programmer to take a look at that shader :slight_smile:
Thanks Muchly!