Blend surfaces between lightmapped and none light mapped objects

Is it possible to blend two meshes together so the shadow from one that’s baked in appears on another object that matches the size, but is different in terms of surface details and is not lightmapped?
We do this currently with 3Js to mix proxy meshes in to the scene lighting by baking one garage door and then super imposing it’s shadows on all the other garage doors. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to achieve this with PlayCanvas.

I’m not entirely sure what you want to do. Some visual references would help.

Our dev was asking, I am going to point him to this thread and see if he can explain it better than me Will.

Here is a sample, after switch garage door to a different mesh, in PlayCanvas is there any way to apply the baked shadow to the new mesh?

That’s an externally baked lightmap / shadow. It’s actually part of the ligthtmaps for those doors.