Blast Arena Open Beta


Oh, I didn’t check if anybody used the developer’s console, that’s a wrong mentality to approach this problem.

Instead, I simply check on server side if a player is inside an existing block’s bounds. This way, you can still remove blocks on your client side, but the server will still check against his version, if the player is inside an existing block bound’s, it means that player removed the entity so it’s not colliding and preventing from entering the bounds, so I just kick that player for cheating.


oh ok i didn’t understand what u had done thx for the tips though


@devMidgard I notice your game does not load alot of the time :slight_smile:


heh the game is pretty good so far but could use chat


@Nathan_Hawkins1 I am no longer the owner of this game, it was sold a few years back and the new owner might not be maintaining it succesfully.

@Marquise_Edwards We’re making a spiritual sequel of this game and it’ll feature chat, among lots of other stuff, you can see what we’re working on here:


oh ok thts cool huh I hate tht I need 20 charactes