Blast Arena Open Beta



Great job on updating.
It’s funny, as I do remember writing WebSockets C# server code by the time there was no WS server side implementations at that time. I was glad with results, but it wasn’t performing as good as later on appeared solutions too. So I’ve switched to using same as you have. Although that project then got some dust over it :slight_smile:

Bear in mind, that Socket.IO supports fallback to XHR (long polling), which is no good for real-time apps. And there is pretty much guarantee that if platform supports WebGL, then it will support WS. The problem might be that Firewall or network infrastructure might be blocking 101 Switching Protocol HTTP header. Solution is simple for it: use HTTPS (SSL).

So to make sure user clients don’t have very bad network latency, make sure Socket.IO only uses WebSockets.

Great job so far! It is fun to play :smiley:
Although, walking back on fire and dying - is fairly annoying :(((


Hi there, I’ve dropped a little graphical and polishment update and called it a Winter Update!

There’s still some bugs I’m working on which resist to me for the moment, but I am approaching a good polish state slowly, and the game community is growing!

I also implemented a VERY basic ranking system (which can actually be hacked easily, so gonna move on to implementing a full server-side ranked system in the following days), so don’t take it too seriously right now :stuck_out_tongue:

You can of course play this update at !

More news to come on the following weeks, approaching Christmas.

#23 {  i.enabled = != "stoneblock" }) {if( == "sandblock") i.collision.enabled = false})


Will get a hotfix for that tomorrow, thanks for pointing out hahaha


Oh no, i will play whole night :smiley:

I bet everyone hates me!

How to prevent cheating?

The ranking system was reimplemented yesterday (it’s now server-side, it was getting hacked so easily!), and all data was wiped, so you’re no longer in the top I think :wink:


I played a game yesterday where somebody could run around unaffected by blocks. So they could run around stealing power ups and dropping bombs anywhere.

Also, I played a game and achieved some rank and then played another game and won, but my rank went down. Was a bit confused by that.


About the first thing, I am working on it.

The ranking thing is weird; You shouldn’t lose points if you win (logic), but I will test further to see if there’s some bug with the calcs going on for winning/losing points


Now, when a game starts, a video ad is served. I find that by the time the ad has buffered and the 5 second countdown to dismiss the ad has completed, I have pretty much lost the game already. :frowning:


My bad! This is now fixed and the game will wait till the ad has been completed or skipped to join another match. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

I also did some anticheat implementations on the servers a few days ago, you shouldn’t see more people taking advantage of Chrome’s Console to delete in-game elements, they will get kicked of the match if they do!


Nice to see you are doing ads! Looking forward reading next month report on incomes.

Problem with flash ads, is that on some platforms Flash is no-no. So it shows loading, forever :frowning:


What browser is that on? I’ll have to talk to my ad service provider, or switch to a new one.

Ad revenue isn’t doing too good for this game, it’s mostly generating ~14€ a day


As I’m aware flash is behind Right-click block on Mac OS and Linux, I’m on Ubuntu here at work.

Is it due to lack of users, or frequency of ads?


Good to know, going to see what I can do with that :frowning:

It’s lack of users, there’s always people playing but the average playerbase is around 20-30 players online. I am trying to distribute the game on more sites and partnering but it’s being hard recently…

20-30 players translated into ad revenue is very low :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed performance on intergrated cards is not that good. Perhaps little optimisation could benefit the performance.
And check out Chrome Webstore, for tanx - loads of players come from there.


I am very bad on optimizing. Any guidelines on that? I remember you told me many things in the beginning which I ended up doing, like the streaming of assets for a quicker initial load.

Going to check out the Webstore now ^^


You can launch from Editor with Profiler enabled. It will show you some stats at the bottom left. What you are looking at is update times, draw calls, etc.
So for example shadows, they are very expensive. If you have loads of objects, that is expensive too, to call many drawing commands.
Other thing is to use Dev Tools and look into profiler, to measure if any logic is taking long time, any JS stuff.


How did u make it check if they were using the chrome device console cause I have no idea how to do that and have wanted to figure out how for a while


What do you mean? I didn’t check anything about that


is what im asking about sry if im vague