Blackscreen on iOS devices



In my two recent projects,

the games wont load on iphones, but instead just show a blackscreen.
Curiously enough, on two reports, it has worked for the first time or so, and then stoppped working all together.
None of the iPhones this occurred on where old models either.

Is it something in my project that I dont understand?
Please do tell me if I am retarded, and thanks for your help in advance!


Works fine on Android (Samsung S7). Try it without the iframe on iOS:

Have you checked the dev console in Safari for messages?


I can confirm black screens on iPhone 6S Plus, with or without the /e option.


Sadly using it with out the iFrame did not help (though its cool to know that /e/ actually removes it).
I will try to get my hands on a macbook soon so I can check the console on iPhone.


I fixed the issue.
Appearently iOS no longer allows for applications to force a fullscreen mode (similiar to how it does not allow sound without user input), and reacts with a black screen instead.
Removing the fullscreen force fixed that.


Thanks for coming back with the fix.