Black selection cursor on dark background

Beeing on holiday in Spain actually I try to work outdoors on my MacBook Pro :slight_smile:

So if I want to edit my code in the browser editor I have a black text cursor on a black background…
is that design new (haven’t been a pita to me before) or is it just a problem on retina systems?
Can anyone from playcanvas change it to something I actually can see? :wink:

You can probably use something like Greasemonkey to add custom CSS and override the editor colours :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the origin of the problem. Spain is different, that’s all. I know because I am from there: D

That sounds weird… Can you post a screenshot?

Unfortunately the cursor isn’t catched on the screenshot… it’s just the cursor has very soft & small bright edges around a black line… so you can not easily see it

I only mean this mode:

Maybe post a screenshot anyway with an arrow pointing to where the cursor should be… Just don’t understand what you’re seeing at all

The cursor looks similar like this… have fun finding it :wink:

Can you share more info about this? Are you using the new Code Editor (scripts 2.0)? That’s the one that has a sidebar on the left where you can see all your scripts. Also what version OS and browser are you using?

Is this the type of issue you e talking about?