Black Camera problems with WebXR AR Starter Kit


I am following a tutorial using WebXR AR Starter Kit.

The resulting App WebXR AR Starter Kit: Test 1 - PLAYCANVAS however can not run on some devices, which I can not explain. During the test, I sent the link to different friends of mine. You can see the result of the test below. Green means the tester can do everything. Orange means the model can be shown but the browser does not support AR. Red means the model cannot be displayed or the tester gets a black screen when pushing the “AR Toggle button”. Could you help me check where the problem for the red cases lies?

Here is the project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Here is the test result so far:

Well, to begin with, iPhone will not work because iOS (and Safari in general) does not support WebXR (yet).

To date, only the Apple Vision Pro supports WebXR, and even then, only VR mode - not AR.

I don’t personally have access to a Galaxy S22/24, Gigaset GS4 or an Pixel 5 unfortunately. @moka - do you have any of these devices?

Thank you Will. I could access to other WebAR applications from my S24 while I was on my vacation using Chrome. So for me it was an unexpected surprise that my smartphone can not open AR function from the app exported from playcanvas (the button AR toggle was shown which means the browser support WebXR, when I clicked on it, besides the buttons, everything turned black and the buttons are also not accessible/interactable). In the permissions list, “Augmented reality allowed” is shown. In the Chrome’s Settings → site settings, is not shown on the list for Camera’s permissions though.

Through some further testing on other devices, I have the feeling that if the browser asks for the permission for augmented reality when we change to AR, the app will freeze. If the browser only asks for camera permission, it is then highly possible that it will work. Could someone reconfirm this in their AR projects and anyone can give me a hint, where I can change the code, so that the camera permission will be asked, not only the augmented reality permission?