BiwaScheme + PlayCanvas, PCUI + Discord

Hey everyone!

This project isn’t going to blow anyone away unlike most of the projects in this section, but I figured I’d share this here since it’s technically “finished”.

I was asked to do a simple boilerplate example of BiwaScheme on the PlayCanvas engine by someone on the BiwaScheme mailing list, so I set up the classic PlayCanvas cube with a live REPL.

You can find the example live-hosted here:

And the source code is available here: Aroo Baito / BiwaScheme-PlayCanvas Boilerplate · GitLab

Thanks to the PlayCanvas team for the amazing frameworks, I love PlayCanvas and PCUI to death!

Also slightly related, I modified my Discord client using BiwaScheme to have a couple of PCUI windows running a Scheme interpreter and a Twitter poller:

Those were the projects that originally caught the attention hahaha

In any case, I appreciate all the work and polish that went into these!