BitBucket - Repository not found or not accessible

Hi all,

I’ve started with PlayCanvas (I am a Unity3D guy) and found PC is quite interesting and very similar to Unity :smile:

So far so good but now when I try external repo for the code - using BitBucket, I got “Repository not found or not accessible”.

I check and double check the public key is added to my BitBucket account (tried both deployment key and account wide SSH - no luck)

Anyone has done this before could share some insight?

Many thanks,

Is it a Git or Mercurial repo? I have a funny feeling PlayCanvas only supports Mercurial repos on BitBucket, but willing to be proved wrong. :smile:

It’s Git unfortunately. I never work with Hg before. So if you feeling is right then Github’s would work right out right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Git on GitHub works and Hg on BitBucket works. I don’t think Git support on BB is on the cards as far as I know. Unless someone wants to fund it. :smiley:

Right thanks Will. I can confirm it works with Git on Github. It should be okay for now but all my active repos are on BB…

That’s actually not true. PlayCanvas supports both Mercurial and Git repositories from Bitbucket.

@hxhieu would it be possible to perhaps add me to your project so I can test what’s wrong? If I’m going to be able to sync I will need write access. My username is vaios.

What I usually do for Bitbucket repositories is copy my public key from the code tab, then go to Bitbucket, select the repo, go its settings and add the key in the repo’s deployment keys. Then it works for me but there might be a different problem with your case perhaps.

Make sure you’re using the SSH version of the repository URL i.e.

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Kudos to you and it works. Apparently, I was missing the repo .git :frowning: (thanks!)

So I confirm again it works with Git on BitBucket as well


Indeed it does. I’m an idiot - ignore me. :smiley: