Big announcement: PlayCanvas launches Templates 🚀

The PlayCanvas team is very excited to announce the public release of our new Templates feature! :tada:

Templates allow you to create preconfigured entities with all the values and child hierarchy as an asset reference.

This is a huge workflow boost as managing and changing objects in a scene is now easier and faster to do. New instances of the Template can be placed in the scene with the Editor. These instances have a link to the Template asset, so any changes to the asset will change the instances in the scene too.

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Wow, this is huge.

Thank you, a very welcoming feature!

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Great news. I have been using this feature today, didn’t know it was added just recently!

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One of the greatest additions to PlayCanvas probably in years! :star_struck: In the same list together with realtime lighmapping, UI / 2D and XR for me. Awesome, keep up the good work!

(Now, slap some In-Editor Scripts / Extensions functionality on top, finalized Shader Chunk API, improved Lightmap Baking with multiple layers / targets and SH light probes - and I can die happy!)