Beyond Bionic Extreme Encounters


Hi everyone. Please check out our first playcanvas game for CBBC which has just gone live.

Beyond Bionic Extreme Encounters

It’s based upon a TV show of the same name on the BBC’s children’s channel. We created 12 different environments that represent the different extremes that the 24 animals exist in. In the TV and the game, the character completes challenges to unlock different high-tech kit that attempts to mimic the animal’s special abilities. It’s aimed at a primary school audience and has an educational element as well.

Our biggest challenges: We needed tpo create optimised environments that run on very old mobile and desktop devices because the audience is so broad (Consequently it should run very smoothly on modern desktop and devices. We also had to create a huge amount of animations and kit for the character so he could respond to all the different challenges. Finally, although we can share some of the interaction ‘engines’, many were unique functions.

Personal favourites are SkyDiving and Deep Ocean Trench, but of course, we’re very happy with the results throughout. We normally create 2D HTML5 games using pixi.js so it was a steep learning curve using PlayCanvas for the first time but will definitely use it again. We considered Unity and ThreeJS prior to this project but felt PlayCanvas offered the most efficient production timeline and compatibility with the client’s website, their own apps and the accessible buttons layer featured in all BBC HTML5 games.

PS, use your headphones for more atmosphere

Beyond Bionic Extreme Encounters


Very cool! Runs well on my old Macbook Book Air. Out of interest, what did you use for physics? Ammo.js from PlayCanvas or something else?


Hi Yaustar, yes we used ammo.js… sorry for late reply


Hello @Playerthree for some reason the webpage does not load for me im not sure why but is there another way i can try and load the app?


Might be geo fenced as it’s a British website.