Better navigation (zooming) for Wacom or other Tablet Users!

Hello there,

I’ve noticed that PlayCanvas has a non-standard mouse-centric UI, notably for zooming. It’s assumed that we will use a mouse wheel but this doesn’t work for Wacom users, and it’s not great to have to switch to a mouse just for PlayCanvas.

I use a Wacom nearly 100% of the time for my work, including 3D modeling and all engine work. However, PlayCanvas assumes I’m using a mouse and so the RMB has this odd ‘look’ feature which doesn’t behave the same way in any other program. With other tools I can zoom with a combination of ALT + RMB. This is my preference and would love to be able to use this functionality were it an option in PCanvas. I’m forced to use a mouse or zoom with keyboard keys in Play Canvas and this has always annoyed me and slowed down my flow.

Can we make it so we Wacom or other tablet users can more easily zoom with the stylus, just as we would in Substance Painter or ZBrush? Even in Max, I can hit a hotkey combo and drag the stylus, allowing me to zoom. I don’t see a way to do this in PlayCanvas.

In summary, can you please add Alt + RMB functionality for us Wacom users for zooming in and out? MMB is already pan (good) and LMB is orbit—just need to complete the loop here for those who prefer to use styluses over mice whenever possible.



I’ve added a feature request:

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Just to clarify on this, RMB does ‘first person look’ some when combined with WASD, you can fly through the scene using FPS controls.