Better Examples

Dear group,

I find the API verbose, but in several situations, there are not appropriate examples and I am having trouble writing the code in a way that works. Is there a repository of examples that are better than the tutorials on the site?

There are several examples of cloning but I want to write code from scratch and can not find code to implement components from scratch.


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Can you give an example of what functionality you are trying to implement? Are you looking to add components at runtime and using the engine without the editor for example?

If so, there are some examples in the github repo:

All the examples in the tutorials section are generally focused around the editor as you can imagine. If you are looking for engine only tutorials, I’m afraid that aren’t any beyond the examples in GitHub as that’s not really the focus.

That said, a lot of the code in the examples will work in the ‘engine only mode’ but you would have to apply some of the settings done in the editor via code. E.g changing the preload option on an asset.

Thanks so much.

I have been programming for decades now, but am just jumping into 3-D graphics. Unfortunately my knowledge of the mathematics is not fully up to speed, and it would be helpful if the API had given more robust implementation of much of the language. If is written with the assumption that one had programmed three-dimentionally and has a familiarity with all the terms. There is also the assumption that the structure is clear in terms of implementing objects like the components and there is a bare level of description in the API about this beyond a definition.

I am happy to have a forum, but it would be so much more useful to have more clarity in the documentation to begin with.

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I have posted several times requesting for the documentation to improve with examples. I have just made another one you may find interesting - Bye for now Playcanvas, I am moving to Babylon.js