Better cohesion between the different knowledge bases

With regards to the topic: Access currentTime of sound (character has both animation and sound slots)

  • I hope that there can be a better cohesion between the different knowledge bases of the PC community and other JS ressources in general.

This kind of thing is pretty tricky and something I’ve been thinking about in terms of how we can improve the documentation on the site.

I don’t think we will ever create JS tutorials as there are already very good sites for that but perhaps we can do more referencing to concepts such as understanding scope.

I did think about creating a set of docs that talks more about the engine’s design and common patterns. And perhaps more about the bridge between the web side and the engine side as we get developers from both sides.

We do try to keep at least the engine API docs and examples from the GitHub repo as comprehensive as possible which makes our documentation search useful. For example, the sound instance current time problem you had could be found by searching ‘sound current time’

Then it should be a case of working backwards about what returns it. That said, we could make it easier by listing what references this class :thinking:

As I said, it’s tricky because it’s never going to be perfect but we do want to hear more specific examples where the documentation fails and what could be made better.

Ok, thanks … good approach - all that can be done in that direction (if little only) can be helpful.
Like with DOM->JS->Initialize etc. Pipeline overview illustrations we might find out that; small and accurately pinpointed ressources can make a world of difference to middle and lower skellset developers :slight_smile:

Regard your elaborate answer as SOLVED.