Best way to differentiate between Tap and Drag

I want X to happen when I drag the screen.
I want Y to happen when I tap the screen.

The problem is that Y happens when I drag OR tap the screen because tapping (mousedown/mouseup) ) is an inherent part of dragging (you have to first touch the screen to be able to drag))

Whats the best way to solve this?

Hi @Grimmy, I wonder if you could measure the dx,dy between the mouse down and mouse up, and then if above a certain threshold call it dragging, or make use of the touchmove event or mousemove event to detect dragging. For example Rotating Objects with Mouse | Learn PlayCanvas

I seem to remember that it might be possible that there are sometimes some touch move events even for a tap ( touch start, touch move, touch end ). I think my Android device was more sensitive than iOS.