Best way to create Cutscenes/Animations/Short Film to playcanvas?

If the game includes cutscenes/animations/short Films, what are the best ways to achieve it?
These are two methods I’ve found, but I’m not sure if they’re best way and efficient.

  1. Using the Tween library and Camera following a path
    Using the Tween library | Learn PlayCanvas
    Camera following a path | Learn PlayCanvas

  2. use 3D software to create animations (such as blender) and export it as mp4 to playcanvas.

how about you?? thank you very much

Hi @supsersuperman,

All methods are valid but usually the real question is where you feel more comfortable producing your content and what are the exact specs.

Just a note using 3D software to create animations usually means rigging and bone animation, that is baking movements in a skeleton used to animate models on runtime (or using keyframe animations). That’s the most common way to animate your scene outside of PlayCanvas.

Rendering content as a mp4 video I think is a solution to a different problem, not just animation. So it depends on what you are trying to do.

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