Best practice? Texture-> texture atlases -> sprite for individual symbols in world space


We’re in need of a bunch of free floating symbols on planes in world space. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. Let’s say we have 15 unique types.

  1. Plane entities with material refering to a unique texture per symbol
    or, the way I’ve done it now:
  2. One unique texture (256px) turned into a texture atlas with 1 texture in it, turned into a sprite refering to that full texture atlas. This sprite is then placed in the hierarchy.


Which way is more optimized?


  1. should I just put all my symbols on 1 texture atlas and import that larger texture, having 15 sprites refering to different parts of that atlas? Like so:


  • Björn

I guess the second method is less time taking and will also take overall less memory than the first method. While in first method you individually have to make sprite of each texture which is a bit hectic and time taking.

I will go for the second method if i have all the symbols in 1 texture atlas.

Edit: I was referring to the last method you mentioned i.e. third one.

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I don’t think you will get much optimization improvements by having an atlas with a sprite of a size of the whole atlas. The engine would still have to load each atlas separately then, which adds to loading times. I would go with the third option.

There is a potential optimisation in load times as 15 small files means 15 requests to the server (latency/ping times apply).

Using a single texture also means that you could batch the sprites too.


Ok sounds reasonable all. Thanks. I’ll make an atlas texture, import that, then render individual sprites from that.