Battlefield:V re-make

should i do low-poly or realistic for this re-make?

I’d say first measure your technical and artistic ability and your available resources.

So, can you do low-poly or realistic environments? Or do you have someone to help you out with that?

I suddenly wonder if low-poly is the opposite of realistic? I would always go for low-poly and then you can determine in the course of the project whether you want to go more to the cartoon side or the realistic side. For my own game I also still have doubts about this, so I’m curious about what preference others have.

usually for me, when i go realistic that means a much higher poly count, but i’m not a one to choose really, I take suggestions from others, even on what to eat!

I don’t think you can call it a Battlefield remake if it’s not realistic. So I would say low-poly with realistic textures and colors. :slight_smile:

ok, good idea

I found out the hard way I can’t do that because I can’t render that with my computer.

How do you mean that? What your computer can’t render?

it will just not load then crash

What have you added to your project?

just FBX models

Bye the way, would you be interested in maybe helping me code for my game?

How big are these FBX files? I only have the time to help with some problems and my programming skills are also limited.

up to 400MB

I’m afraid that is way too big. What kind of models are they?

the ones that big are the maps for the game.

I have no experience with using a big ready-made map. Is that feasible with PlayCanvas? Personally, I would start very small. Basic shapes with some nice props. Then it’s easier to make everything stable. You can expand the map step by step.

Technically yes, but they should not be used for collision. A much much more simpler mesh should be used for collision.

Good to know. How can you make a simple mesh for collision that matches the map and what would be a reasonable size for the entire file?

yes, that might work, but yes, i’ll start small