Battle royal game I need some modelers and some animators

I just need help to create a server for the game so everyone can play it as a multiplayer game.

I didn’t create the map yet so I y’all know how to create a height map that would be helpful, and I need people who can model great characters so I can put in the game to make it more interesting.

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Nice man, I could help

Ok what can you do?

Anything you need really, shooting, making guns follow the arms, etc

Cars, spawning anything


Can you make player spawn online?

Sure, if you have and a server set up

My account is @oofinz_official

I have the sever setup but I can’t make them spawn


hey i’m a 3d modeler map maker artis and texture designer so i can help

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Hello, Do you Still wanna help?

I’m re-starting from scratch so I already what I need.

sure whynot add me my tag is Deadshot1m24 im a great map maker and im good at art also sub to my youtube its also Deadshot1m24

Ok good I added u

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Personally, I like the game look. I am very interested in online games, as I myself have a set of completed games. If you ever need help, want to expand your team, or just want some good designs just know, I am here for you.

If you add me to your team my user-name is Imarri.

I hope the game comes along nicely, and thank you for letting me have a chance.

  • sincerely Imarri

Ok, I’m very happy to have another member in my team

  • Welcome To The Team “sincerely Imarri.”
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LOL, that’s great! My name is just Imarri tho. But yeah. I like tha name kami waaay more than my own name, Kami means god in japan. So I think it is waay better than my own name.

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