Batching and vertex shader custom chunks

var chunks = material.chunks.
chunks.transformVS = " my custom code here "…

When i activate batching for a particular thing with… my chunks.transformVS custom code no longer runs.



Looks like BatchManager has it’s own this instance of transformVS that was preinitializrd and stuck to the default pc.shaderChunks version!!.. bleh… but all it does is prepends #DEFINEs for bone limits and DYNaMIC batch flags to the existing chunk , so why not this should be done by prepending the bone/dynamic flags to any existing custom material.chunks.chunkName ( if available ) during batch creation, and not be stuck to default replacement? Looks like I got to do some heavy method replacements/overhauling to pc.BatchManager.

I also find that storing a this.shaaderRefeence is pointless anyway if it can be accessible globally from pc.shaderChunks.etc, anyway.