We convert the settings.js to a json object, so we don’t have properties attached to the window that may conflict with existing properties.

The preloadModules therefore is:

"preloadModules": [
    {"moduleName" : "DracoDecoderModule", "glueUrl" : "files/assets/140765540/1/draco.wasm.js", "wasmUrl" : "files/assets/140765541/1/draco.wasm.wasm", "fallbackUrl" : "files/assets/140765539/1/draco.js", "preload" : true},
    {"moduleName" : "BASIS", "glueUrl" : "files/assets/140912398/1/basis.wasm.js", "wasmUrl" : "files/assets/140912396/1/basis.wasm.wasm", "fallbackUrl" : "files/assets/140912397/1/basis.js", "preload" : false}

We have no issue with Draco, however we are unable to make BASIS work as expected. If we do not create a window.PRELOAD_MODULES object it doesn’t instantiate. If we do create it, it fails to instantiate basis.

I can confirm all the basic files are contained by their folders.

Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 20.23.19

Hi @Change2,

If you copy/paste the basis.wasm.js url in your browser, is it accessible? I’m seeing the GET 404 error and that usually means the local server isn’t serving the file at that endpoint.

Hi Leonidas, thank you very much.
This is what I did, and it seems to be working now. What do you think? Also, I am curious to know if there might be an alternative approach available that doesn’t require the use of the ‘window’ object.

Any update on this? It seems that the config object is not being used as it should by basis, that’s why it targets the window instead of using the one that is passed to the function.

@slimbuck - any thoughts?

Hi @Change2,

I can investigate, but would need a repro first. Can you gimme one?


Thank you very much @mvaligursky @slimbuck
Yes, I am sending you the link by message.