Basic enemy AI

how would i use animations with this

The enemy entity has a prepared anim component and anim state graph. You basically only have to apply your own character and animations.

HUD means “Heads up display”

how would i make it so it would hit with its hand instead of using a bullet

If it is an animated entity (moving entity) you can use the same method as I do for the bullet (collision check).

**how do i make the enimy chase me

Hi @johngamedev and welcome!

This is already part of the example project. Does this not work for you?

I basically rotate the enemy entity in the direction of the target entity and then move the enemy entity in the forward direction.

how do i make a gun for my player that shoots

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If you want to make a player that shoots please ask in another related discussion if there isn’t enough information or ask your own question as this discussion is enemy AI topic.

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