Basic enemy AI

Hey Albertos, I am using a old veraion of enemy ai and I edited it since but I wanna use the new enemy ai but I cant make the new one work with the game :frowning: when you have time can you make me an updated version of my enemy ai? The link has the new ai and my ai, thank you in advance :slight_smile: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Whatโ€™s not working?

A lot of things, for one the enemy does not shoot bullets but attacks up close, second I cant figure out how to implement the jump scare, third the gravity issue is back but I might know how to fix but not fully sure, fourth I dont know what the the hud attribute does, please help me out

All I want is the pathfinding in my ai

Can you link to your project instead of the code editor please? I can take a look when I have some time. I already mentoined that there is still no pathfinding. It only avoid obstacles on the way in this update.

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Is that not what pathfinding is?

Pathfinding is like a navigation system in your car. It exactly knows the way to the destination.

oh, well I dont need that, only the avoid obstacles so it dont run into stuff

Okay, but your project is big. Please tell me exactly where I find the problems. Which scene, entity, script, situation, etc.

theres not a problem, but I think the enemies would work better and smoother with the avoid obstacles, maybe you can tell me how to add it to my ai?

What about this?

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oh that, thats on a copy of the project for testing when I tried adding the new ai heres the link PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Is it possible to add avoid obstacles to my ai?

I will fork your project to see if I can optimize the script to work with your project. Probably tomorrow.

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Thank you so much! Please take your time, no pressure :slight_smile:

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What does hud do?

The hud is the entity with the text element above the character. Here you can show for example the health of the character.

Done. New version available.

Why is it falling through the floor in this specific scene?

I donโ€™t know and with a launch link I canโ€™t see much.