Background Layer for a background image


I need help with a basic thing but for some can’t get it to work, I just need to add a background image, but it’s rendering on top of my 3D meshes and sprites. I know I need to add a new layer and I did, but it’s not rendering now and I added it to the camera.

What should I do?,

Thanks in advance,


Why don’t you use 3D Spirte as background like I have used in this game:

Also you can create a new layer witch will stay above UI like in img ref

The layers are rendered from top to bottom. So in your case:
World (opaque) is rendered first, then Depth, then Skybox, etc. and lastly Background, after everything is rendered. Move it a bit up in the rendering order, like after Skybox, for example, and allow the rest of the layers to render on top of it.


It’s worth noting that when the UI layer is rendered, I believe the depth buffer is cleared so the background layer will render over what is already been rendered prior to the UI layer.

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i can help with the background