Back Screen in latest Firefox Version (120.0) - Playcanvas Version 166.3

Hi there,

with the latest Firefox Version 120.0 I get black screens on ALL playcanvas projects I have - This seems to be some engine problem with the new Firefox version because also template projects like Roll a Ball show a black screen. The projects work fine with Firefox version 119.x.

Just wanted to notify you guys of this issue and I’m sure this will be fixed soon.


Could you, please, give a link to an example project that shows as black screen for you?

Edit: I see. A new project from a Roll a Ball template. I can reproduce it.

Edit 2: Created a ticket for tracking:

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Thanks so much for reporting this @chr33z.

It works fine using FF v120.0 on MacOS, so likely windows related.

Can anyone with windows machine test older versions of the engine like so?:


Mark mentioned in the ticket, but adding here as well 1.65.5 under Windows is the last one it works ok.