Back button don't work

Hello people,

Iv built a project with changing scene JS, to each changed page/scene I added “back button” but it don`t work and I cant figure out why,

if someone could check where did I do a mistake,

Thanks for help.

I have just looked at your project and I can’t find where you are listening to the event or where you are doing something with the event when the back button is clicked.'change:scene');
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I think that the main problem is that this code delete previous scene, so if I want to come back to the previous scene, I need to go to some another scene and then I can come back…

I checked another sample that published as a sample, and in code of those project works the same logic, if you want to go to a new scene you need to delete the old one…

So if I want to come back I need to mention the very first scene!?

Right now your back button does nothing, but I understand the problem. I would suggest to add a menu scene and use the back button to go to the menu.