AWS Gamelift Multiplayer with PlayCanvas

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone here had a chance to work on AWS’s Gamelift service for their multiplayer matchmaking/ queing/ hosting for their game build in playcanvas!

My concern is that AWS Gamelift provides you with a compiler for Unity, Lumberyard and Unreal to create Server Side Client Build that needs to be uploaded to AWS for then to create a fleet.

Now, they provide you with JS SDK to work with, but not a compiler for PlayCanvas, I was wondering if anyone here knows of or had a chance on a workflow to make this work.

Any INFO would be much appreciated !


From a brief look, there is a JS client SDK (which should work with PlayCanvas, there’s not anything I see preventing that) but you will have to write the server with C++ or C#.

Thanks for the reply,

So yes a package “build” for gamelift needs:

  • Game Server Binaries
  • Dependencies
  • Installation instructions

I was wondering if there are any resources out there on how to do this. There is a documentation for other engines on how to generate game server binaries. Any links would be appreciated !

@devMidgard ran the server using the PlayCanvas in a Node app here: Need Help With An Authoritative WebSocket Server

You can’t generate a binary with PlayCanvas in the same way I think you mean. It’s pure Javascript. From the looks of things, if you want to use the AWS Game Lift services, you have to develop the server independently of the PlayCanvas engine and use PlayCanvas as purely a client. (Azure) and probably do something similar with a different service. I’m not sure how they implemented their backend though.