Autoposition of camera: rotating and move camera behind the character question

Hi there.

I need to move and rotate the camera or and entity begin the character.

the script needs 4 parameters.

  1. Target entity (used to calculate the final camera position)
  2. target camera (script can run at root and can choose camera)
  3. distance (indicates the meters or units of camera position behind the character)
  4. height (indicates the meters or units of camera elevation behind the character)

there is an existing simple script already done that can i use ?

i was searching and reading a lot of tutorials , but examples explain mouse-camera movemente atached. in this project character is independient from the camera.

any idea . thanks in advance !!

Hey, if you just want the camera to be behind the player and simply moves and rotates according to the player’s dimensions, then you can simply make the camera a child to the player entity. By doing this, it will change it’s position according to the position of the player. Here is the third person movement project to look at : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine


@saif. Yes i tried put a camera and it works ! . Also i found this PLAYHACH. but links are broken

somebody knows where i can find camera’s script packs. im looking something similar gopro cam effect o similar. i would like scripts libs closed and stables and easy to implement as posible . thanks everybody !!

We have some camera scripts here but I don’t any of them fit your exact criteria: