Automatically set mesh collision to mesh of object

I recently had to import a number of mesh objects ( after centering each one of them, and exporting separately - but that’s a different issue than this ).

I then had to add a collision to each of them, and set them to mesh. Each time, I then had to set the mesh collision to the mesh object - something that should be automated.

Here’s an animated GIF showing the process for just 4 items - for the prototype I made, I had over 30 objects to do this for.

If the auto-selection of the collision mesh was set to the mesh of the object, I could have just selected all of the objects, added the collision component to them all in the one go ( which works ), and set the collision type to mesh ( again, all in the one go ) and have the valid collision mesh in there ( which doesn’t currently work ).

I did a quick search on the forums, and this was raised a few years ago…

Fortunately, having the mesh collision set to the mesh object would help users where this was required ( cut out additional steps ), and as a bonus, wouldn’t introduce any additional steps for users wanting to specify custom geometry ( as they have to select new geometry anyway ).