Automatic and Correct UV Mapping/Tiling on Primitives

PlayCanvas has Primitives such as a box, cylindar, and cone etc. When assigning a material, you can’t change the tiling for different faces. This really sucks if you don’t have access to good modeling software.

I suggest a way to do so. A feature request for automatic tiling for Primitives for all faces with random offsets(optional).

Of course, if it does not make it on the road map, I need a way to do so. I was possibly thinking using shaders, the mesh generation system, or using planes (I will be using boxes and cylindars most of the time but using planes is a hassle). I don’t really want to go this route without good insight.

Are there any other ways? Would y’all be willing to help me? I would hope so.

I’m using a school Chromebook and using the editor is already bad as it is. Without modelling software, I would need to use PlayCanvas’s Primitives.

For an example, I have a box with 2x1x1 and 1x1 tiling. The 2x1x1 has stretched textures on some sides. To fix it, we must go to the material’s tiling and change it to 2x1 tiling. Now, some sides are compressed. No matter what, some sides will have compressed or stretched textures.

Edit: I have found a forum post describing what I need. Although, I would want this to be added to the editor so I can see what it would like without reloading the launch.
I still need help with understanding the uvs and other stuff that I found and a way to do that with other Primitives correctly.