Audio Track Events

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I was wondering if there were any plans on adding sound track events, similar to the AnimEvent which were added to animation tracks? We need to time certain animations with our voice over tracks quite often, especially during our tutorials, so they would be really helpful to us.


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I’m afraid this hasn’t been something that has been suggested before and not on our roadmap.

Please add this to our engine repo feature request board.

Related to this, we have been thinking about upping the priority of an animation timeline editor and feature which could help with this?

Sorry for the late response, I created the feature request now.

In our case specifically I don’t think the animation timeline editor would help us very much, as we are using a lot of spine characters. Another reason why we usually can’t use animation track events.

I can tell you though that our artists would love to see an animation timeline editor :wink:

Ideally, the timeline editor would allow you to animate attributes and properties of an entity and also to fire custom events.

The latter may be useful in timings? A bit like anim events but more generic?

Yeah, that could work. Instead of waiting for events on an audio track or animation track we could wait for an event on the animation timeline which handles all of the flow.

Is that something that is quite close to be released? Do you have a rough time estimate? Or is it still too early to tell?

It’s too early unfortunately. It’s a thought at this stage more than planned work