Audio Pause/Resume Issue

Hi, I am trying to pause/resume and audio track but when I resume the audio track it resumes from the wrong position. It is as if the pause didn’t actually pause it, but just turned the volume down.

Any ideas?

this.entity.sound.pause("Slot 1");

and later I do…
this.entity.sound.resume("Slot 1");

Additionally, when I try to manually force the current audio time using something like:

this.entity.sound.currentTime = 30.0;

…does nothing.

Confirmed it is a bug: Unpausing a sound that is paused does not resume at the time it is paused · Issue #5240 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

The sound component doesn’t have a currentTime property: SoundComponent | PlayCanvas API Reference

The Sound Slots do though: SoundSlot | PlayCanvas API Reference

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Great. Good to know I wasnt going crazy.

Regarding the Soundslot.currentTime. How exactly do I set this? What is the correct syntax? It doesnt really say in the help document.

Something like:
this.entity.sound.slot("Slot 1").currentTime= 30.0;


SoundSlot doesn’t have currentTime property. Sound Instance does.

Oh, my bad. I got confused by startTime on the sound slot :frowning:

Found a fix for this: sound currentTime needs to be called before state change by yaustar · Pull Request #5241 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Hoping it will go out with 1.62.1

If you desperately need it now, I’ve created a patch that can be added to a project:

sound-resume-patch.js. Make sure that Loading Type is After Engine

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This has been fixed in engine release 1.62.1 that is now in the Editor

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