Audio issues, no sounds on awake

Can the audio play without interacting with the browser?
I have a problem trying to play an instructional audio at the start of the game.
I need it to play without the need to interact with the browser, that is, the instant you open the game.
I already tried using AutoPlay in the editor and nothing! Tried calling it with code and it didn’t work either.
On “Start function:”

this.audioPlayer.sound.volume = 1;
    this.audioPlayer.sound.addSlot('MySoundSlot', {
          loop: false,
          autoPlay: true,
          asset: this.introAudio,

If anyone can help me please I appreciate it. I’ve been dealing with that problem for a week

Browsers became more strict about auto-playing audio in order to maintain proper user experience when you are visiting web pages. User must interact with a web page in order to start audio play. This is a proper behavior and you want to follow it.