Attributes wont show up even after doing parse

so i copied the code from third person controller (i think that might be the problem) and i tried to get attributes by parsing but nothing showed up can someone help me? this is my project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Aydin_Lassiter! Did you save the script?

uh i went into the third person controller and went to the player movement script and cameramovement script and copied it into my game exactly but it didn’t add the attributes even though it had them into the script, if thats what you meant by saving the script

If you changed any code of a script you also have to save the script. You can use CTRL + S for this.

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oh? alright. I think i’ll take another crack at 3d game engines a while later. i think i’ll stay in the 2d domain but thank you for the help! (its just a little too complicated for me, im used to visual scripting)

@Aydin_Lassiter Hi defiantly what @Albertos said. Also, you should hit this button to refresh the script.

Another thing I noticed is that your plane does not have a rigid body. So your character will fall through the ground.

alright I did the Ctrl+S thing and told me to add a checkpoint so i did that but it still wont allow me to parse im clicking that refresh button but it wont work (sorry for all the trouble, you guys are really helpful!)

Your script is empty now…

alright i have done everything you guys have said but it wont work, i think i’ll try something more simple then a 3d game controller thing…? thingy…? i dont know but thanks for the help

Your scripts seems to be unsaved again. You can recognize this on the orange/yellow color of the script name.

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