Attribute Reloading Bug

Hey guys, I think I encountered a bug in your attribute reloading.
I replicated it with the following litte script:

AttributeReloading.prototype.initialize = function() {
    this.on('attr', this.reload, this);

AttributeReloading.prototype.reload = function(name, value, prev) {

And then added some simple attributes to test it:

AttributeReloading.attributes.add('number', {
    type: 'number'

AttributeReloading.attributes.add('vector2', {
    type: 'vec2'

AttributeReloading.attributes.add('vector3', {
    type: 'vec3'

If you now start the scene and then change one of the above attributes in the editor, the console should first print out the previous and then the new value. This is the case for a simple attribute like number, but in the case of a vec2 or vec3, it doesn’t work as intendet. Insted here prev has the same values as value.

I guess it’s not a major issue, since it won’t ever affect the gameplay, but it’s annoying to work around, if you try to write easy-to-use and responsive scripts for your designers and artists :wink:


Thanks very much for the bug report. I have verified the problem and logged this in our tracker.

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Btw, is this the right part of the forum for bug reports?

Yes, it’s fine. For Editor stuff, post in this category. For run-time/engine bugs, post here: